When Should You Replace Your Toilet?

replace toilet

If your toilet is giving trouble to you, it is simple to say that it should be replaced. Though installing new toilet definitely can be the best alternative for troublesome fixtures, it isn’t necessarily the single solution. When some repairs would be enough to resolve the issue, there’s no reason out there to spend the additional money to purchase new toilet and take time installing it. The main key is knowing about when to repair your toilet by Plumber Auburn and when should you replace it.

Without considering cosmetic problems, there still are a few instances when a new toilet tends to be a good idea. In order to help you find when to replace your toilet, have a look at a few common issues that you might encounter.

It Requires Lots of Repairs

Rebuilding your toilet can include a few things in the tank, such as its handle, fill valve and flapper. A few of such repairs can be done easily, but it’ll cost you some money and needs time. Weighing the repair costs versus new toilet is an extremely smart practice, particularly if the toilet suffers from the other issues listed here. If you are planning on replacing the toilet anytime soon, save money on the repairs and replace your toilet instead. It’ll save you wealth in long run, even if it’ll be a larger expense up front.

Your Toilet Clogs Often

Is the toilet a nuisance since it need plunging often? Many of the old low flush toilets need more than one flush mostly. They also are often plagued with some random stoppages. It’s not good to plunge your toilet regularly. If it is aggravation for you, it is time to replace the toilet. You do not even need to give up water savings as low flush toilets now have come a very long way and new lines of water saver work much better.

A Porcelain Crack Is There

There are many times when some hairline cracks grow in the bowl or tank of your toilet. These minor cracks can turn in a flood at the worst time possible. Porcelain cracks also can be the cause of an active leakage. Inspect your bowl and tank for any cracks from time to time when you clean your toilet. If you notice a crack, it’s always an excellent idea to replace your toilet before it completely breaks. If crack is situated in toilet bowl, it’s not as much urgent to replace your toilet but keep your eyes out for water leakage when you flush. Any unnoticed leak can result in a ruined floor.

There Are Some Visual Scratches

As surface of toilet porcelain gets scratched or worn, it will become difficult to keep it clean. It’s more frequently the case with any older toilet which has been scrubbed and cleaned many times. In case you find yourself again and again cleaning the toilet, then it may be time to buy a new toilet and get rid of some additional maintenance.

To Save Your Water and Money

In case you don’t already have low flush toilets, saving water might be a good enough reason to replace your toilet. You may save quite a lot on your water bills every year with low flush toilets. The water saving toilets utilize less than two gallons water with every flush, which considerably is less than old 3-gallon consuming toilets. Not just are you helping your environment by saving some water, you’re also helping yourself save your money. Utilities are going to only continue to increase so saving on the household water use makes sense.


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