Common Plumbing Mistakes Homeowners Make

Common Plumbing Mistakes

Many people like to carry out their own plumbing job, either to save their money or they enjoy doing so. While there is something to be mentioned for doing your own plumbing work, the common mistakes can cost you expensive results. Knowing pitfalls of doing the plumbing work yourself, and ways to avoid those can help you to take complete care of your house.

Usage of Chemical Drain Cleaners

For lots of homeowners, liquid drain cleaners seem a miracle product. Only some cups of chemicals in your drain can easily open pipes and send the waste water in the sewer. Unluckily, chemical drain cleaners could have a long lasting effect on the galvanized plumbing. Individuals who use this regularly may cause the pipes to become leaky and corroded.

There are lots of ways to clear the clogs without releasing any caustic chemicals in your house’s plumbing. The alternative products include:

Natural Products: In order to clear a slower drain, sprinkle some baking soda in it, then pour vinegar and leave that solution to sit in for many hours. When you are done, flush with hot water.

Plumbing Auger: It’s a manually powered device similar to drain snake and it cleans most of the drain clogs without caustic chemicals or a Plumber Auburn.

If these tips don’t work at all, then contact a professional plumber. A great plumber can clear all the clogs inside your drain without using any harsh chemicals that can damage your house’s plumbing.

Performing Unpermitted Jobs

Homeowners who make great changes to their house’s plumbing without even pulling the right permits which could devalue their house. Homes with unpermitted jobs may take longer time to sell and might sell for lesser money.

A few states need contractors to get permit, while others allow the homeowners to get permits themselves. The homeowners must either way make sure that the permits are pulled when they do major work like installations of bathroom or repiping. The permits allow local building officials for having oversight over house improvement projects. It even helps make sure that each home improvement project is performed to codes. Although getting the permit can cost you money up front, but a permit can easily protect you from fine down the roads while also making sure that your plumbing job is done appropriately.

Forgetting to Turn the Water Off

You will have to do so for maximum water related jobs. Failure to turning off water before starting a plumbing repair or improvement can result in gushing pipes, terrible mess, or small household flood. Get to know the house’s plumbing prior to starting your next plumbing job. Turn the water off at your local shutoff valve. In case you cannot find that, then turn off at water main.

DIYing Without Right Training

A few homeowners take the plumbing challenges without having an insurance or license. Professionals know all regarding how plumbing works. They even go through vocational trainings to learn about right drainage and best equipment. They do an apprenticeship and get years of experience and knowledge before taking the licensing examination. All this expertise and experience ensures high quality of project and security of your house.

Taking on home improvement job that is over your head can result in damages to your house. Doing DIY works without knowledge of process can even cost much more money in future, if you are needed to pay the contractor to redo work later.

At times it’s difficult to tell when any project is far beyond your skills level. The finest way to find is to discuss with plumbers prior to beginning a project.


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